Saturday, December 3, 2011


I always love when the Christmas season arrives each year. The lights, the beautiful decorations, the yummy smells, greetings from friends far and near and getting together with family just warms my heart. I have barely started my shopping but had better finish quickly because most of the gifts have to be mailed this year.

Tonight I should be working on figuring out just what I will get everyone but instead I am considering joining the 6 Piece Winter Collection that runs from November through January. Kinda crazy to start at this late date, but so fun to plan.

The requirements for this sew are as follows:

Winter coat - neutral
Overlayer top, jacket, cardigan - neutral
Overlayer top, jacket, cardigan - color
Underlayer top - neutral
Underlayer top - color
Trousers - neutral

Seems pretty doable so I looked until I found patterns I thought would work for each category.

The only pattern that I have made before is the top right jean jacket. I had to spend some time getting it to fit and although not perfect I made it out of a cotton stretch material that I just love. I will tweak it a little and make it out of a white corduroy that should go with quite a number of garments.

My closet is filled with lots of black and white so to change things up a bit I thought I would have my main neutral be navy. The only down side for me was figuring out what color of shoes I would need to wear with navy. The last time I was shoe shopping I did not see any navy shoes so having a navy wardrobe didn't seem like a really smart idea.

So I did some research on the internet to see if there was another acceptable color to wear if you didn't have navy shoes because I was taught that black was never worn with navy. To my surprise the dress code in 2011 allows for black shoes to be worn with navy as are brown and cordovan .

I think I'm going to like this.

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