Saturday, May 31, 2008

This is a first for me. I much prefer just reading about what everyone else is doing and seeing the lovely garments and projects they turn out to saying much myself. But after reading all of the input and feedback and encouragement the sewing internet sewing community gives each other I decided I needed to actually be a part of thus the attempt to blog.

I have more fabric, patterns, notions and yarn than I will probably ever use, but others, I just keep adding to the pile. In fact, this last weekend Hancock's had a wonderful sale on patterns and I went crazy once again. Then on Monday went back and bought some cream dupioni silk thinking that I would join the SC June Capsule Contest. Well, it would be wonderful if I could ever get the garments to fit like I would like. Usually I sew them, try them on and then give them away.

This red dress just still hangs in the closet waiting for a miracle. It was supposed to be the required red dress for my 86 year old fathers wedding in February. Just didn't like the fit so bought something else to wear. I know, pathetic.

So I decided to sew for the granddaughter and hope that the things fit her. She is in Tennessee and I have no way of fitting her - I just asked the DIL to give me a few measurements to make sure that I was at least in the ballpark of fitting. So far - so good with these, and they sure are a lot of fun to do. Here she is in the last one. She loves purses so I included a, what she calls "pocket purse", with the dress.

The first one that I made was the McCalls pattern M5569 M5569 but I don't have a picture of her wearing that one yet. BTW, can I use this image from the McCalls website - I tried to find out what the guidelines were for this sort of thing on the web, but haven't found any definitive answers yet.

Well, it's a start.......