Tuesday, March 29, 2011


There's nothing like a trip to Cabazon Outlets to get a person thinking about sewing again. My daughter and I decided to meet at the outlets and see what fun clothes were waiting for us. Oh, my, what a disappointment! Things are bad when you would rather look at the purses and shoes that anything that was folded on a table or hanging on a hanger.

Is it my imagination or are stores carrying less merchandise that they used to? Ann Taylor had a small selection, Liz Claiborne - closed, Ralph Lauren - a darling white blouse with bias ruffles and our favorite - Tahari. Of all of the stores and merchandise we looked at, the dresses and jackets at Tahari were to die for. The workmanship and details on each of the pieces were beautiful making the garment look stunning on us regular people. But other than that stop the trip was a bust.

It may be next week before I get around to it, but it looks like I will be looking through my skirt patterns and coming up with a few possibilities so I can eventually find one to be my TNT.

The shopping trip might not have been such a bad thing after all!