Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Sewing

What was to be at the longest just a month stay in Tennessee to work on our store has turned out to be four months and counting. In this present economical climate that is so unsure we weren't quite sure what to do to make our store competitive so we turned everything upside down and have redone about everything...starting with painting every piece of wood furniture, then remodeling the furniture to serve other functions and adding beadboard to the backs of all of the wood shelving. We had to use oil based paint so that the paint wouldn't chip but the smell just about knocked me out. As bad as it was to complete this project while we still had the store open and were doing business I am thrilled that we did it. It looks clean and neat and it's a pleasure to go to work now. Monday we add deli items and until we can hire a good cook I will be spending my day doing the menu and cooking. sewing.....yet! Well, almost none - I brought my coverstitch maching and was able to get it to work sewing binding on an apron. It was so much fun and I can hardly wait to have more time to spend playing with it.

I found this video and video two on you tube that showed a method of making bias binding that I had never seen before. I tried it and was really pleased with how it turned out and how much I was able to get from a yard of fabric.

The good thing about being here in Tennessee is that I am getting to spend lots of time after work with the grandchildren so I can't complain at all.